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Returning to Work in a Socially Distant Environment

From: Heidi Maschmann

ELITeXPO VP of Information Systems

Working from home has had its ups and downs but workers have felt safe not having to enter an office environment for some time. Returning to work can be a challenge for both employers and staff members as safety is now the number one priority. Employees are anxious and worried that their office environments will not offer enough protection from the Corona Virus. Employers are certainly concerned for the health of their team and have a lot to plan for to maintain a safe workplace that allows for social distancing, education and training, and health checks. There are  potential liability issues, as well, should someone get sick.

As more people are returning to their offices, employers need to pay attention to the CDC Guidance for Businesses & Employers and specifically, their Employer Information for Office Buildings.

Here are some of the Back-to-Work Guidelines:

  • Verify Building is Ready for Occupancy – Ventilation, Cleaning, Water System
  • Identify Hazards – Possible Exposure Assessment
  • Establish a Communications Plan
  • Modify/Adjust Seating, Furniture, Workstations to Allow 6’ Distancing
    • Turn Seating to Face Away From Each Other
    • Remove Seating to Maintain Social Distancing
    • Use Signs, Tape Marks, Decals to Mark Where to Stand When Waiting
    • Remove Coffee Pots, Water Coolers, Vending Machines
    • Increase Ventilation & Air Flow, Open Windows, Add HEPA Filtration & Ultra-Violet Irradiation
  • Increase Cleaning, Sanitation, and Disinfecting
  • Stagger Shifts
  • Post Signs for Visitors/Drivers to Call from Parking Lot
  • Post Signs To Mandate the Use of Masks & Encouraging Hand Washing
  • Provide Masks, Wipes, Sanitizer to Staff & Masks to Visitors

Another aspect of the pandemic that employers need to be aware of is Handling Exposure & Infected Staff:

  • Perform Health Assessments & Temperature Checks
  • Advise Staff to Stay Home When Sick
  • Separate any symptomatic person from other staff
  • Send Employee Home / Arrange Transport to a Medical Facility
  • Track Movement in the Facility
    • Areas Visited
    • Persons They Had Contact With
  • Ventilate the Areas They Were Known to Have Visited
  • Disinfect & Clean the Areas After 24 Hours
  • Notify Staff That Were In Contact With the Employee
    • Do Not Disclose the Name of Any Infected Staff Member
  • Document the Situation
  • Allow Work-From-Home, When Possible

For Symptomatic Staff – After COVID-19 Test

  • Negative – Return to Work Once Feeling Well (14 Days Still Recommended)
  • Positive – Return to Work After 14 Days With No Symptoms & Doctor’s Release Obtained

ELITeXPO has altered the focus of our business and so we are now offering a wide array of new products and services. We have several Safety Products Available for both Office and Retail Environments. Our heavy-duty Hand Sanitizer Stands are quite popular as they offer a durable solution for dispensing sanitizer for staff and guests. We also have a large assortment of Office Dividers available with many being customizable for various fillers from clear acrylics to branded graphics being used. They come in all sizes and varied shapes to allow for use in any environment. We even offer safety product lines with Face Shields, Masks, Tents & Signage, and Floor Decals.

Doing business will certainly look different for the foreseeable future. The key to staying successful is to protect your employees and clients as best as you can, both physically and emotionally. If you’d like more information or pricing for any of the products we have mentioned, please give us a call at 800-543-5484 or send us an email.