Air Express

Expedited air freight, usually referring to overnight air.

Bill of Lading

Written receipt from a carrier for goods accepted for transportation. Serves as a receipt, contract and operating paperwork and is the single most important document in the shipping process.

Cargo Insurance

Additional coverage protecting the owner of goods for loss or damage while goods are in a carrier's possession. Recommended for all international shipments.

Collection and Consolidation Service

Service performed for a shipper in which a number of LTL shipments are picked up or received and forwarded as one truckload shipment.


Shipper of the goods.


Hundredweight (100 lbs.)

DOT (Department of Transportation)

Federal Government agency responsible for all safety, interstate highway and interstate commerce matters.

Exclusive Use of Vehicle

Service in which the shipper pays to have sole use of entire trailer for a particular shipment. Also referred to as a dedicated move.

Fixed Jig

Permanent support mounted within a shipping container to protect the contents and hold them in place


Exhibits, products and equipment for a show, moved by a carrier.

Knock-Down (KD)

Exhibit or display components that break down into smaller, more easily managed pieces for shipping.

Loose Jig

Removable support in a shipping case.


Van shipment weighing 500 lbs. or less, for which the minimum charge is the 500 lb. rate. Carriers' minimum can vary.

Official Carrier

Carrier designated by the show manager or general contractor to be on-site for the inbound and outbound shipments of a show. Use of these carriers is recommended but not required. Medium to large shows may have one van line, one common carrier and one air freight carrier designated for the show.

Pallet or Skid

Wood runner protecting the exterior of a shipping case. Also describes a wooden base constructed to carry multiple cartons or equipment.


Progressive numbering system used primarily by the trucking industry for tracking, billing and identifying freight.


Assembly of exhibit components for display or use.


Storage in transit.

Staging Area

Yard or lot for trucks delivering to or picking up from a show. Also refers to a place for demonstrations within an exhibit.


Exhibit system with interlocking components or modules, which can make up a variety of configurations. Usually lightweight and packed in fiber cases to reduce shipping and handling weight charges.

Trailer Interline

Temporary transfer of control of a trailer from one carrier to a connecting carrier without the need to re-handle the cargo.

Air Freight

Materials transported by an air freight company. However, not all freight designated in this manner is shipped by plane; truck shuttles are used between cities in close proximity.

Bone Yard

Area designated for the storage of empty exhibit crates and air freight containers.


Trucking materials a short distance, such as transporting air freight between the origin or destination and the airport.

Common Carrier

Department of Transportation (DOT)-certified trucking firm that can be hired by the public for shipment of goods.


Container, usually wood, used for protecting exhibits during shipping.

Declared Value

Shipper's stated value of the entire shipment in dollars.


Handling of exhibit properties between the loading dock and the booth area. Also includes handling of goods from advanced receiving and the removal and return of empty containers.

Expedited Service

Service offered by a transportation company to assure prompt or specific delivery.

Forced Freight

Routing of freight not picked up by an exhibitor's carrier or shipments left behind at the booth at the close of the show.**(Generally tendered at time of force to the official carrier for the show.)


Moving of materials, usually to and from a loading dock.


Carrier's legal financial responsibility for lost or damaged goods.

LTL (Less Than a Truckload)

Shipments picked up by a trucker and consolidated with other LTL shipments to be transported to the destination city, unloaded and delivered.

Mixed Truckload

Truckload of different articles, crated and uncrated, in a single shipment.

Official Contractor

Organization appointed by show management to provide services such as set-up and tear-down of exhibit booths and to oversee labor, drayage and loading dock procedures.

Panel Dolly

L-shaped dolly with wheels on both the vertical and horizontal sides. Used for moving display panels.

Release Forms

Forms provided by show management to permit removal of goods from show.

Set-Up Drawing

Plans or blueprint from which the exhibit components are assembled.


Used to protect small items. Made of burlap, sometimes have a soft underside.

Storage Area

Space at a show set aside for storage of crates or materials.

T/L (Truckload)

Shipment that uses the entire cubic contents of a semi-trailer or straight truck.


Method of consolidating shipments. Usually defines function of an LTL trucker grouping freight for shipment to a particular show.


Document that contains the address of the shipper and recipient and other pertinent information. Used by air freight companies to transport and route shipments. Contains a number used in tracking shipments.