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Pickup of your booth materials with delivery to the show venue and return back to your facility. Trade show to trade show shipping services are available as well. With over 30 years of exhibit logistics experience; we provide worry-free, on-time tradeshow transportation.


Capabilities: Expedited & Economy Deferred Shipping

Air Freight - ELITeXPO offers expedited air freight shipping services to ensure your shipments make it to the show on-time. We understand the urgent nature of many trade show shipments and can handle all those short turn-around times between events. We have years of experience getting that “oops I forgot to send the graphics” shipment to the show, so you never have to worry. Expedited shipping does require our operations staff to be advised of the dimensions of each of your pieces. This allows us to make sure we can find the soonest departure that can accommodate your shipment. Expedited air shipments are subject to all regulations of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This means that you will be asked to fill out additional security paperwork, complete descriptions of package contents will be required, and all shipments shipped via air are subject to full inspection and cargo screening.

Ground Freight - ELITeXPO’s Ground Shipping services are an excellent option for trade show shipments that have 7 or more business days to get to their destination. The extended shipping time allows us to consolidate your shipment with other shipments for better pricing. It also gives us more flexibility as to which carriers can be used for the major portion of the transport of your shipment that also reduces your costs.

Deferred Shipping - Deferred exhibit transportation is a great option if you can have your shipments ready to allow for several days between pickup and delivery to or from the show. It is more economical than air shipping and allows for several service options from 3-7 Day Service based on business days. We have a complete network of ground carriers and local trucking companies based in every major city in the country. All of our local service providers are specialists in the handling of trade show shipments and are versed in the requirements of their local convention centers and major hotels. We can provide full cartage services in every city including 2nd man, liftgate required, inside pickups with pallet jacks.

Van Line - ELITeXPO has the full exhibit logistics capabilities required to handle your tradeshow shipments that require that extra special touch. We have access to all special handling materials and equipment from blankets, padding and straps to decking and air-ride trailers.

Full Truck Load and Exclusive Use Vehicle - ELITeXPO can provide trailerload and exclusive vehicle services throughout North America. We can take your trade show booth materials from your facility to a tradeshow with return service after the show. We can also provide show to show caravan exhibit shipping services. We offer Exclusive Vehicle Rates for Nationwide Coverage & trans-border service to/from Canada. We have air-ride trailers, straight trucks, or exclusive vans with Lift gates, pad & blanket wrap, and load bars all being available.

International Shipping - ELITeXPO has the ability to get your exhibit shipments to and from the show no matter where that show may be. We have a full network of agents, carriers and local cartage companies throughout the world to handle all of your shipments. Shipping internationally is divided into two types: Canada, and International. Canadian shipments require a Commercial Invoice, and in the case of Medical Equipment, Computer Equipment, and other certain types of materials additional paperwork may be required. Otherwise, shipping to and from Canada is basically no different from shipping Domestically. We can provide a Customs Broker if needed, as well. Other International Shipments are basically the same as Canadian shipments in that they need a Commercial Invoice and possible extra paperwork based on contents. But the level of involvement is a lot greater because of customs and other governmental regulations and more questions will be asked depending on the country, city and venue your international tradeshow is in. Please allow more lead time for any shipments going to Mexico or Overseas.

Automated Tracking Status Emails

ELITeXPO's automated shipment tracking status e-mail notification system is proving very popular with our clients. If you haven't tried it yet, here is how it works.

You can be e-mailed directly by the server that houses ELITeXPO's shipment data.It can be set to notify you about one specific shipment or all of your shipments. You can also choose to be notified of every status change from pick up through delivery or you can choose to receive a single notification that has the name, date, and time the shipment delivered.

This feature can be activated by a request to your personal account executive. The status messages sent are in HTML format so they can be viewed easily. However, your e-mail client must be set up to accept messages of this type. (On-line web tracking is available for those who can not receive the e-mail notifications or for anyone who chooses to enjoy this feature.)

The following status messages can be sent:

PDS Pick-Up dispatched for today

PKD Freight confirmed picked up

FIT Freight In Transit

FAD Freight At Destination Airport Terminal

OFD Out for delivery

POD Proof of Delivery information, name/date/time received by consignee

If you want to get your information the old fashioned way... your personal account executive is only a phone call away and is always happy to provide you with any information you need.