The ELITeXPO All-Risk Cargo Policy is designed to respond to unforeseen accidents or events that occur to goods while in transit. If insurance is purchased for both the shipment into the trade show and the shipment coming out of the trade show, the insured items are also covered while at the advanced warehouse and while on the show floor.

Insurance MUST be purchased for the TOTAL REPLACEMENT VALUE of ALL ITEMS being shipped in order for claims to be paid.

In no event shall ECS be liable or responsible for loss of or damage to packaging materials including: crates, cartons, or other types of packaging materials.
ELITeXPO offers the purchase of All-Risk Cargo Insurance for all shipments that we move. If you would like to opt-out of being offered insurance for each of your shipments, you may complete the form to do so by clicking the link below.

Have Your Own Insurance?

Find your policy and check out the answers to the following:

What's your deductible?

Does the amount of your deductible make our All-Risk Insurance more cost effective?

Does your insurance cover concealed damage when a delivery receipt is signed off "clean"? (Ours does.)


Declared Value

Declared Value is not insurance! Declared Value is the amount the carrier will accept for the value of your goods. Declared Value does not cover Acts of God, Acts of War, strikes or riots.

Plasma Monitor Coverage


Plasma Monitors must be insured under a separate policy declaration from the rest of the booth.

Each plasma monitor must be packaged in a professional ATA certified hardshell shipping case designed specifically for that monitor. If not packaged as such, coverage is void.


All-Risk Cargo Insurance

Damage During Transit

Loss During Transit

Loss Or Damage While On Show Floor

Insurance must be purchased for both the inbound and outbound shipment for the event.

Concealed Damage

Concealed damage will be covered if inspection determines the damage likely occurred in transit.

Physical Loss or Damage To The Cargo

Water Damage

Contact With Other Cargo




Cargo Insurance

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