Book Your Installation & Dismantle Services With ELITeXPO

ELITeXPO has made Installation and Dismantle Services available to our trade show shipping customers. This allows for a "One Stop" approach to handling your exhibit. You just have to call ELITeXPO and we'll be able to get your exhibit to the trade show, handle your booth installation services before the event, dismantle your exhibit after the event, and return your exhibit materials after the show.

Ship Your Exhibit

With over 30 years of exhibit logistics experience; we provide worry-free, on-time tradeshow shipping services worldwide..


Exhibit Set Up & Take Down

Labor services for exhibit installation and dismantle. Supervision is available along with detailed pre-show planning.


Store Your Exhibit

Complete exhibit storage and property management services with full pull and prep available. Online inventory access.


Required Additional Labor

I & D Supervision - Unless an exhibitor is present in the booth during the process of Installation and Dismantle, an I & D Supervisor is required in the booth for liability reasons, to take responsibility should a problem arise, fix any issues, or to simply sign in and out the labor time sheet.

Accountable Installation & Dismantle Labor

Experienced, professional laborers with years of experience on trade show floors.

Trained & Qualified Local Traveling Lead Installers

A national team of labor supervisory staff ready to oversee your project.

Extensive Pre-Show Planning and Management Support

ELITeXPO tradeshow services staff works with you, all show site parties, and the labor team to ensure a successful installation.

Runner Services For Specialty Items

We're able to procure specialty items or items that may be needed at the last minute.

Estimates For All Projects

ELITeXPO will provide a detailed estimate for all labor services required for your exhibit installation.

Consistent Personnel

Many times you'll find the same laborers working your exhibit project. You will also have one point of contact with our I & D Management team.

Trade Show Labor

keeping us sweating at show site

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