Show Management

Show managers have been pleasantly surprised when they gave us five minutes of their valuable time and learned what new and exciting programs we have that saved them countless hours, and measurable amounts of money.


ELITeXPO has handled the storage of exhibit goods for both Exhibitors and Show Management companies. We can provide exhibit and graphic cleaning, repair, and refurbishing services. Complete & partial display pull, setup and preparation is available.

Bagtastic Bag Fulfillment

Let us help you with your event giveaway bags. ELITeXPO can collect all of those flyers, brochures, and even water bottles and pre-stuff them into your event branded bags. When you arrive at the show, your attendee bags are there & ready for distribution when the show opens.


No one wants to experiene damage or loss, but if you did, you'd be glad you're protected by the best possible coverage. The ELITeXPO All-Risk Cargo Policy is designed to respond to unforeseen accidents or events that occur to goods while in transit.

Services Available

There is much to do to get a tradeshow shipment right and yet there is equally as much that can go wrong. True value is in the details. We have created a tradeshow shipping company that is exclusively for the tradeshow industry, That understands the value of details. Our primary goal is to do whatever it takes to make shipping your show / meeting and exhibit materials much easier for you and your exhibitors.

Knowing that the peace of mind your exhibitors need when using selected vendors is important, we strive to provide them with the best experience from the first time we make contact. We provide knowledgeable on-site staff from move in through move-out. Our new and innovative show site programs give our on-site staff instant connection with our operations department allowing for a faster response time when shipments are entered from show site.

Show Management Services

Trade Show Services

Same Day, Next Day, 2nd Day, 3rd Day, Deferred 3-5 Day and 5-7 Day Super Deferred Shipping Service Levels Available

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Common Carrier Ground Services


Full Load Service throughout North America

Hot Shot

Exclusive Use Vehicle (Vans to Trailerloads)

Van Line

Truckload, Blanket Wrapped, Bars & Straps


Full Service International Shipping

Trade Show Services

True Value Is In The Details

We provide knowledgeable on-site staff from move in through move-out.


Bags Fufilled






Storage Clients

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