Today’s digital imaging process has improved dramatically affording you the ability to print on a wide variety of custom printed fabrics. This, coupled with the Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) finishing process, ensures a clean, tight fit for all your mounting applications. Available in both front and back lit materials. Whether it’s digital ink jet printing, or dye sublimation, our knowledgeable staff will make the best recommendation based on your application.


This is simply a large graphic panel which can be used alone or as one of several panels in a mural pattern extending across the entire display area (a 10'x10' pop-up display that we sell will typically have three or four panels).

Hooks and magnets are used to hang the panels on the mounting frame, which makes them very easy to assemble and stow away after use. The photomural panels can be combined to create a seamless image or a variety of effects as required.


These are high-res graphic prints, which may be reproduced in matte, glossy, or luster finishes which also serves to protect the print. They are often referred to as C-Prints, Photographic Prints, or in some rare cases Continuous Tone prints They are usually mounted onto a solid, opaque mount and then fixed to the display panels with Velcro. Important to note, many consider these to be the highest quality graphical images and do require special handling and packaging when not in use.


Back-lit Graphics, sometimes referred to as Duratrans, use a high-resolution print applied to a translucent or clear sheet of acrylic. They are typically mounted inside light boxes or in conjunction with metal extrusion displays. You will find this application suitable for some of the EXPODisplay MultiQuad System, Classic Hybrids and larger modular systems where a light box can be utilized.


These are smaller graphics used in conjunction with pop-up displays, which use fabric panels mounted upon the display frame. For example, our Quadro exhibits are good examples. Typically in these situations fabric covers the unit and Velcro is used to secure the graphics to the fabric panels and this allows you to vary the use of graphics to suit your needs and the audience.


(Sintra, Gatorboard, Styrene, Foamcore)

Another high-resolution print, which prints directly to Sintra, Gatorboard, Styrene, Foamcore to overlay the image upon and which, comes in varying thickness (2mm, 3mm and 6mm). Check with our Tradeshow Services Team for availability of thickness. This application allows for printing on either side of the substrate, which then may be fastened to a display using Velcro or installed within a framing system.