Fully Customizable

XPOTouch is a multi-touch application suit that offers a variety of different programs.


XPOTouch Brochure

Download The XPOTouch PDF Brochure.


go paperless

With XPOTouch's internet access, your attendee has the ability to mai conent in real time straight to their inbox.

Interactive Touchsreen System

Bring More Attendees To Your Trade Show Booth With XPOTouch! The Interactive Touchscreen System.

Our interactive touchscreen systems give you the ability to attract event attendees into your booth space and give them an engaging experience that will keep them there. These screens come in various sizes and will give you a bold way to inform your visitors, entertain them, and allow you to gather information from them about product and service interests and preferences. These systems can be programmed with a very customized look and can have something as simple as an interactive map or a complex menu of options from games, surveys, product videos, pdf brochures, software demos, internet connectivity for website and social media access, and so much more.



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