Welcome to the Wonderful World of Trade Shows

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Trade Shows

From the Desk of Bridget Bethel

ELITeXPO Freight Operations

As a new employee to ELITeXPO, the work has been challenging, yet rewarding. I don’t have prior experience in the freight forwarding or trade show industries, so I am looking forward to both personal and professional growth in both areas.  

My first week of training was overwhelming, to say the least. There is so much to learn! At the end of the day, I wondered if I could perform the job duties that were assigned to me. I told myself that with a new job, comes new challenges, and that I would do my best to be the best that I could be. I have a willingness to learn and a strong work ethic and I knew that I will do great things here.

As I have now put the first few weeks of work behind me, I am excited to find that things are starting to make sense. My co-workers have been great with showing me the ins and outs of moving freight. I can even have an actual conversation and know what it means to say that the shipment will need a two-man, inside, liftgate delivery. I’m learning more about the trade show side of things just by listening to everyone talking about the various shipments going into each event and all of the various issues that we run into. Everything changes with a show, all the time. You can schedule a driver at a certain time but the show’s move-out times can change and everything has to be re-scheduled and drivers notified and systems updated.

It’s also been fun getting to know my co-workers. There’s a monthly celebration where everyone in the office gets together and the company treats us to lunch. Working for a company where they play Bingo through an instant messaging app is definitely unique. I’m looking forward to my future with ELITeXPO and the opportunities to come.