Message from David Mihalik

Happy Holiday Greetings from ELITeXPO

Happy Holiday Greetings from your friends at ELITeXPO. Each year at this time we normally share the gift of music with you, our best customers as a thank you for the business that you have provided to us throughout the year. For the Trade Show and Live Events industry, the music stopped in March. We all believed that we’d be back to work by this time, but we’re starting to see the light.  We all hope that we will soon be listening to the music and seeing each other at Face to Face Marketing events soon. This holiday season, we have a better reason to be hopeful. With the incredible creation of a vaccine already being administered as I write this, we look forward to more progress and improvements in the coming months. Hope springs eternal.

Today, we count our blessings. As a company, through diligent work, preparation, and the efforts of some of the best employees in the world, ELITeXPO continues to survive and thrive. We thank those companies that have continued to support us through these difficult times with other business opportunities that we would not normally become involved with. When confronted with the governmental restrictions placed on large group gatherings, ELITeXPO shifted gears quickly, to offer our customers products and services most relevant to the times we were facing. We’ve been able to deliver PPE products, hand sanitizers stations, office safety dividers, wall mounted LED backlit graphics, non-trade show freight shipping services and Virtual Exhibit Production among just a few of the wide variety of products and services our customers have asked us for. We were fortunate that a few years ago, ELITeXPO expanded our trade show service offerings and purchased a second warehouse to provide full asset management inventory/storage services for our customers. An overwhelming majority of you have kept us busy with inventory work and shipping throughout this time. We’ve utilized this down time, when we have it, to tighten up all of our inventory data and physical storage in our warehouse. One of the benefits of having more time is that we are able to rapidly improve our processes and clear up lagging work that always seems to take more time, when we are always crazy busy during trade show season. When our industry has the opportunity to get back to work, we’ll be ready! We can’t wait to see you again soon.

We also must count the personal blessings I believe we have all learned or should I say, re-learned to enjoy, during these past months. I can tell you this much. Staying at home brought me back to enjoying the simple things that I had been too busy to notice. I’ve spent more time out on our deck this past Spring/Summer/Fall, enjoying the view, having nice conversations with my wife, a cold beer (or two) and watching the sunset. You see, where I live in the suburbs, you really begin to notice when the white noise of airplanes and trains and heavy traffic subside. We really looked forward to 5:00, when we had our own version of Happy Hour before we made another home cooked meal, instead of eating out because we were working too long and getting home too late. We’ll always want to work our hardest, but now, I think we’ll just try to become more efficient with our time.

We are starting to see a resurgence of activity as the positive news of a vaccine is making the return of trade shows a more viable reality. Clients are beginning in earnest to prepare for their events that are planned with emphasis on a sharp increase in show activity by Spring and hopefully will continue as planned in the Summer. Please know that the ELITeXPO Team is here to assist and if we can help you stay ahead of the curve and the inevitable rush to get exhibit properties planned for in person events, don’t hesitate to call. We’re here answering the phones every day and we’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to get back to work for you.

While we may not get the opportunity to gather together with extended family this holiday, we’ll keep them all in our thoughts and prayers, both those with us and those who have passed before. We’ll be thankful that our families are safe and healthy and pray for those who are recuperating. We’ll also keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers that you be safe and healthy and have a joyous holiday season.

Best Holiday Wishes, from our ELITeXPO family to yours.

David Mihalik